Original Equipment Manufacture

If your business is selling sealants, adhesives, Benison Business can be your manufacturing powerhouse for delivering your private label. Benison Business despatches millions of canisters, cartridges, cans of silicone, acrylics and packaging types.


Benison Business Co., Ltd. has an expertise in the transportation routes and the handling. Full truck loads are appropriate for customers who want to transport large volumes of products to the destination in a short amount of time.

Product Support

Our expertise and leadership in silicon-based materials are behind every product, service, and solution we offer. Use our tools, tips, and people to help solve your problems.


Company History

           Benison Business Company Limited was founded in 1989 and has since been providing world - class adhesives and sealants of the finest quality to the market. First starting within the woodworking industry with our Cyano-Acrylate and Hotmelt products, we have expanded our product range to include silicones, acrylics and hybrid sealants, establishing our BRAVO™ brand as a market leader in the industry. Over the years, we have built up an excellent knowledge base in both developing and manufacturing, constantly investing in our state-of-the-art facilities to meet the growing needs of our customers. Along with our own production, Benison also has close relationships with many reputable firms across Asia and Europe, becoming the authorized distributor for many and forming long lasting partnerships.

           In 1993, Benison Corporation was formed, leading to the establishment of Benison Group as the parent company of both Benison Business and Benison Corporation. With our main focus on providing better accessories and components for the evergrowing air-conditioning industry, we brought our MOMO™ Air- Conditioning Trunking System to the market. Our manufacturing expertise and aim to provide products of the best quality products to our customers have encouraged us to invest in cutting-edge plastic extrusion and injection molding facilities as well as plastic compounding technologies, allowing us to start right from the upstream of plastic manufacturing.

           One mission of ours that can’t be overlooked is our ambition to be socially responsible. We aim to be eco-friendly by not polluting the environment and creating as little waste as possible. We are constantly working to find improvements in our processes to ensure a better future for the world we live in.

           Finally, we would like to say thank you to our customers for supporting us. With our desire and commitment to succeed, we will always be looking for better solutions for the market and will continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide the best products they deserve.




For any inquiries, questions ot commendations, please call : +66(0)2-212-4455 or fill out the following from. 

Head Office

Benison Business Company Limited
2009/9-10   Charoenkrung  77, Charoenkrung  Road,  WatPrayakrai,  Bangkorleam,  Bangkok,  Thailand.  10120.
TEL : +66(0)2-212-4455 
FAX : +66(0)2-213-0022
E-mail : [email protected]

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